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L33t not

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Am I the only one who doesn't get a lot of the "gamer" in-jokes out there? Lots of those gamer-oriented websites just leave me in the dust, and I only understand about half of the comic strips devoted to 'em.

*sigh* I guess I'm no longer l33t.

Thinking about it, though, I never was. The cool guys had Apple ]['s with composite monitors, while I had a TRS-80 hooked up to an old portable TV. The cool guys had 1200 baud Hayes modems that dialed the phone, while I had a 300 baud cheapie that I had to dial myself. The cool guys had checkered Vans shoes like Sean Penn had in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, while I had some $10 canvas Keds.

Ya know. Someday I'm gonna need to get myself a cult following. . .
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