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Vacations and closure

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Sorry about the lack of updates. I've been on vacation for about the past ten days. Went down to Orlando to visit Disney, Epcot, and the like. Also headed down to Fort Lauderdale and the keys. Had a really good time but, but like all good vacations, I got no rest at all.

Activision still owes me $41. This time, they simply deducted the amount from the last check from this check (which was zero, but since one product lost a few bucks in returns, they deducted the $41 from that). My contract clearly states that losses are carried over into the next check, not the previous, so they're actually in material breach of my contract. It's only for $41, though, so they know I won't take any action against 'em. Even with triple damages, it's not worth pursuing.

I guess I can take comfort in the fact that the $23 million Activision paid for Expert has basically come to nil, as the real value that Expert had (lots of discount-rack space in several major retailers) disappeared while Activision dragged their feet.

John closes his eyes and counts to ten

OK, I'm better now.

Speaking of Expert, I got a message from an Expert alumnus. Alvin Mullins, the product manager for my Expert games. He's now the head of software for the CD Stomper folks. I finally got to meet with him in person a little over a year ago, and we swapped stories. Turns out my games were his first major assignment.

It also turns out that I was correct about Expert's marketing department --it was indeed staffed entirely by spider monkeys that threw their droppings at a board in order to determine name and packaging of their products.

Also speaking of Expert, isn't it time they just put up a banner on their website that says "Sorry, but we don't exist anymore" on their website? As it stands, it's just a front-page connected to a webstore that doesn't work and product descriptions that are no longer there.

Time for some closure, guys.
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