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Season's Greetings

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Hope everyone has a happy holiday and such. For those who didn't get a Christmas card from us, here's the picture and text:

Season's Greetings!

Things are going very well for the Texas Hattans this year. We are healthy and happy in our first year of both living and working out of our home.

For the first year of Shelly's business, we shared our front bedroom, which has been John's office for the past five years. We finally converted our garage into a full-service engineering office, complete with a big printer and a blueprint machine. Shelly has been able to finish three subdivisions this year and has several more in the queue. Work is busy and rewarding.

John has been learning a lot about how subdivisions are designed. He's also been busy working on new computer games.

We are still flying rockets. It's been hard to fit rocket making into our busy schedules, but we have been able to make it out to a couple of rocket launches on the occasional weekend. Shelly, looking for a hobby a bit closer to home, took a cake decorating class this year. She's really had a lot of fun creating new pretty desserts. Also, we're keeping our stress levels down by walking 4 1/2 miles each morning with our golden retriever, Max.

As for vacations, we recently visited Las Vegas and Orlando, Florida. The break was really nice.

Hope this card finds each and every one of you happy and well.

Sincerely, John, Shelly, and Max

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