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Awright, listen up, because I've got an announcement. Many of you have figured it out already, so I'm gonna make it official.

I'm getting out of the game-development business as a full-time vocation.

Don't worry, it's not like I'm broke and I'm slinking away from the business. As you've probably noticed, the updates that actually involved my games have been few and far between, and there's a reason for that. You see, Shelly's civil engineering consulting business has been going like gangbusters, and I've basically been working almost full-time supporting her. Currently, it's mostly monkey-work, delivering drawings to city engineering departments and running the blueline machine, but I'm getting ready to take some courses in AutoCAD so I can start doing some light tech-work for her. I'll likely start doing plan-profiles and even running the grading software that helps balance dirt-quantities for projects, so we can contract dirt-work for other engineers.

That's right, ditch-digging pays more than game programming :)

Anyway, I'll be continuing on in the capacity of a board-member for gamedev.net, so I'll keep contributing news articles and making fun of anyone under age 25 in the chat-room. I'll also be updating the diary, but don't expect to hear much about the status of the next wave of games, because they'll be few and far between. I'll continuing developing games as a hobbyist (maybe for the Cybiko, because it's kewl). And, of course, I'll continue to support and update the existing games on the shelves as my contracts require.

As I told Bryan Mau a few months ago when the last Expert check arrived (almost five years after the first), it's been a terrific ride, and I hope everyone's enjoyed riding along for the past almost-three-years.
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