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Think Tank hatred!

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I got another fun email from the chairman of the huge movement that's dedicated to running me out of the business for putting all of those cheats into Think Tank. He now seems upset that I didn't print his earlier emails --apparently they are much more grammatically robust and coherent than his later ones. Frankly, if I still had 'em, I'd print 'em. They were just as funny as these :)

I left the grammar, and formatting intact. It's funnier that way. Enjoy!

Well I see you posted one of my e-mails, to bad you didn't post the other ones. But I'm sure you had to pick one that you could explain away. Your so called friends must think your a real ass hole for always blaming them. Ya know if you had a open forum on your web site, then people could see just how many complaints you get about your games. But you don't have the balls to do that. This way you can edit and change things around to make yourself look good. But don't think people are as stupid as you make them out to be. Trust me, anyone that has ever played Cheat-Tank knows you didn't have a clue how to make a good game work. I'm starting to think you didn't even write this game because you sure don't know anything about it. Oh but wait, I forgot how much you lie, you just act like there's no cheats in that game. Or maybe your just not good enough at your own game to see how bad it cheats. Well, anyone that's ever played it more then a few hours would know. And to compare it to Pac-Man, what a joke that was, all of your games combine didn't come close to Pac-Man, and it didn't really cheat the better you got, the writer was smart enough to make it better, not just add more cheats because he couldn't figure out how to do it the write way. You really need to take some classes or something before you start ripping people off with the junk you make, but I guess you feel if you can't make one game good then you'll make 40 games and think people are getting a deal then. I'm sure the people that read your web page must be other game developers and that's why your always patting yourself on the back and trying to make yourself sound like a big time game maker. But I'm sure they see your on your way out now and don't buy your bull-shit. Well I hope your wife does a better job of supporting you then you did her. But if your gonna be helping her with her job I'm sure you'll screw that up to. Well until next time, keep on cheating!

If you're interested in joining the International I-Hate-Think-Tank Society, email the chairman at kraco_1@hotmail.com.
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