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More San Jose goodness

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Oh, just a quickie today. On the last day of the GDC, I was a bit tired and needed a break, so I took on The Tech Museum in San Jose, which is just a block away from the convention center. It's a worthwhile trip if you find yourself in San Jose, especially if you've got kids.

Anyway, they had a display of 2001-themed stuff there that promised lots of art from people's concepts of the future. This was, for the most part, disappointing. I was hoping for covers of 1950ish issues of "Amazing Science Fiction", but most of it looked like 1980ish covers of Omni. I always thought the older stuff was cooler.

Along with the art, they had a buncha memorabilia from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. They had some of the models and remaining bits of the set, which are apparently few and far between. Among the bits they had to show (the instructions to the space-toilet, one of the space-helmets), they had one of the original faceplates of Hal 9000.

Just thought it was cool.
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