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You forgot the connotations behind that:
John Hattan's Story:
A googleplex years from now, the universe will have less energy than a 9-volt battery. The knowledge that some of the once-abundant energy the universe had was used to write such a gigantically boring journal entry will cause the semi-sentient patterns of quarks that are the only remaining "beings" to weep and question the randomness that surrounds them why energy, once so very very plentiful, was wasted in such a way.

Before you write another entry, think of the quarks.

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Naw. It's just a quote from my reply. There's only so much boredom you can impart in a single sentence.

I'm just greatly disappointed with TurnipBoy(tm). He fancies himself a writer, but apart from one mildly interesting post in which he proposed a utopian model of book publishing (which apparently exists in a utopia where you can pay 100% of the price for a book without a promise that you'll end up with 100% of the text), his posts have been random boring gibberish.

He's a troubled boy.

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