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Contest is over!

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Wow, sorry for the lack of updates. I intended to do an update between the end of the contest and my Christmas vacation, but the contest ended up running long and I just got too busy. Anyway, I'm back from holidays (the wife and I did Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and a buncha other places between 12/21 and 1/2), and I'm ready to write some games again!

For those not following gamedev.net, the contest is over, and the results are here. The winner is Matt Monroe, who is likely enjoying his XBox even as we speak. All of the prizes have been sent out except for one copy of Wolfenstein which appears to have been won by somebody living in a dormitory, so it'll wait a bit until I get an address confirmation from him.

The contest went well, and almost everybody seems happy about the results. Given that we've gotten about ten times as many entries as the rest of the gamedev contests put together, you can't expect it to go perfectly, but it went as well as can be expected. Only a couple of big snags --the server move killing email for about 24 hours and forcing us to extend the contest, and Adam Walker's runner-up entry that turned out to be stolen from here.

Once again, big thanks to the gamedev reader who was able to point out the theft before any real harm was done! Needless to say, Mr. Walker never did email me to explain why his entry was an exact duplicate of someone else's maze, so we quickly chose another runner-up and no further harm was done.

Hope everybody enjoyed the contest, and I intend to run another like it soon. I'll keep you posted!
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