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My place in the universe

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Noticing the link on Bryan's developer diary, I took the test. Here's my result. . .

What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Space-invader.I am a Space-invader.

I will happily recruit the help of friends to aid me in getting what I want. I have no tolerance for people getting in my way, and I am completely relentless until any threats or opposition are removed. I try to be down-to-earth,
but something always seems to get in the way. What Video Game Character Are You?

It's funny. One of my recent projects was writing a Java front-end and a CGI back-end for a sales personality assessment here. It's the result of a couple of decades of research, and it's constantly being updated with the latest stats on its effectiveness. It's uncannily accurate for predicting sales and leadership abilities, but nowhere at all does it tell you what kind of videogame character you are. I think DrDave can learn a lot from this.

Also, I want more. I wanna know where I fit in other genres. . .

  • Am I the Trix rabbit, Count Chocula, or King Vitamin?
  • Am I Sports Illustrated, Field and Stream, or Atlantic Monthly'?
  • Am I a TRS-80, a Commodore 64, or an Intract Micro-8?
  • Am I an octopus, a squid, or a cuttlefish?
  • Am I Rockford Files, Mannix, or Cagney and Lacey?
  • Am I Shaft, Dolemite, or Superfly?

AAARRGGHH! I now must know where I fit in the universe!
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