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Ad-hoc contest

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Awright, I found several odd items that I've accumulated randomly over the years, and I don't know what to do with 'em, so I'm gonna have a contest!

No, this time the prize isn't an XBox. It's the following:

  • A cassette tape of a lecture from the 2000 GDC, specifically "Heat into Light: Community Generating Conflict in Online Multiplayer Games" by Jonathan Baron. It's a great lecture about how to design conflict into multiplayer games.
  • The book In Search of Ancient Gods, which is one of those cheesy 70's UFO-books that "proves" that the gods of ancient times were actually space aliens.
  • A 1958 copy of Hoyles Rules of Games
  • A gag scratch-off lottery ticket (guaranteed $10,000 winner, loads of fun at parties)
  • Fourteen comic books
  • A keychain from the Barbary Coast Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas
  • A game token from a video arcade. Dunno the arcade, but it's about the size of a nickel
  • The death-metal album "Lost Chronicles of the War in Heaven" by Catholicon. Great if you're into that noisy stuff.
  • A letter personally autographed by magician and skeptic extrordinaire, James Randi
  • A 1961 dime - 100% silver!

The contest is simple. This is the Duck Tiles Ducky. . .

He's a cute little dancin' fellow, but he doesn't have a name! Best name I receive by midnight Sunday wins the whole lot, and I'll pay for shipping!

email me here with a name suggestion.
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