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I'm now moving with Movable Type!

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As you can see, the diary's got a new look. After all this time, I finally caved and am using a real-live database to store entries.

I'm using Moveable Type, which seems like a pretty capable little system for storing diary entries.

There's some stuff I'm gonna miss, though, like spell-checking and such. I'll get the hang of it, though, and you'll get all the fine content-free diary goodness that you've come to expect.

Biggest problem I see is that there's no way to move the old entries into the database except manually. That'll take some time to move the old stuff over. I'll probably do it a little at a time until it's all here.

Nicest thing is the "comments" section down there. That means that you folks can comment on my nonsense as necessary. That's something I'd been wanting for quite some time.
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