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Gotta Good Thing

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Been looking for a decent leak-tracker for quite some time. The STL smart-pointer stuff just strikes me as anti-intuitive and cumbersome, and I had some good past experiences with the non-intrusive ones (i.e. Bounds Checker), which had saved my bacon a couple of times by reporting on stuff that I did wrong.

Anyway, I decided to try one of those little tiny free heap-trackers, specifically Fluid Studios Memory Manager. It's just a little #include and piece of C-code that logs allocations and reports on any bonehead stuff you've done. It works beautifully, finding a memory leak in my stuff almost immediately. In addition, it's got a couple of #define's to do extra stuff like logging all allocations or even randomly failing so you can see how gracefully your app handles a crash. It's 100% free, so you've got nothing to lose in using it.

Note, though, that this only tracks new() and malloc() for you. The commercial tools, like the aforementioned Bounds Checker, find lots more stuff for you, like un-freed GDI handles and such. Still, you can't beat the price and I bet it'll find something in your code.
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