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Price matching works!

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I saw that CompUSA was selling the Harry Potter DVD for $9.79. I sent Shelly over there, but it turned out that they sold out in 20 minutes. Went to Blockbuster later that day, and they had a big sticker on the door saying that they'd match any price in town for Harry Potter. I went back to CompUSA (which now had "WE ARE OUT OF HARRY POTTER" signs everywhere) and grabbed the ad. Took it back to Blockbuster and got my cheap DVD. The folks at the counter heard that there was someone in town selling 'em for ten bucks, but this was the first one they'd seen. They also heard that you had to buy a DVD player to get the deal, but the ad said nothing of the sort.

Anyway, I thought it'd be food for thought if you were looking to get a Harry Potter cheap. Fun movie!

Oh, funny thing. Only a couple of kids in our neighborhood are allowed to watch the movie, because their parents heard that watching it will turn you into a Satanist. Many of 'em were the same kids who read the book with Shelly a couple of summers ago. Apparently the movie will turn you into a Satanist, but reading the book won't. Don't ask me why.
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