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RIP Computer Magazines

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Boy, if there's one thing that the internet managed to kill, it's computer magazines. Ten years ago, computer magazines were plentiful and rich with information. There was Byte, PC World, PC, and MacWorld for general stuff. For programming, there was C User's Journal, Journal of Object Oriented Programming, Object, Dr. Dobb's Journal, AI Expert, DataBased Advisor, Windows Tech Journal, Windows/DOS Developer's Journal, and a dozen other language specific magazines covering everything from the then-new Visual Basic to Lisp. For computer shopping, there was the incomparable Computer Shopper, which was as big as the Sunday New York Times.

Today, only about four of these magazines still exist. C/C++ User's Journal and Windows Developer's Journal are downright skinny at about 60 pages each. The only new computer magazines I know of in the past five years are for Java. Computer Shopper is downright pathetic-looking --smaller than Byte was in its heyday. I used to arrive home from work eager to nestle in bed with a couple-hundred pages of articles waiting on my nightstand. Nowadays I can get myself caught up in an hour.

Yeah, it's all out there on the internet, but I rather miss having someone else sift through all of it to deliver me just the stuff that's worth reading.

Maybe I need to hire a web-chauffeur. Someone who'll go through every programming site on the web and only show me the stuff I wanna read :)
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