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All Hail Gemuse-Schlacht

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Well it's finally gone live, so I can show it off. First the background story. The guy who runs kidstation.de bought a secondhand Mac a few months ago, and it just happened to have an old version of my games installed on it. His kids grew enamored with Olive Wars. After a little web-search, he found me and asked if I'd be willing to write something like Olive Wars in Flash for his site. We came to an agreement, and I bought a Flash development kit and started to work. A few passes back and forth, and Gemuse-Schlacht (Vegetable Battle) was born.

You can find it at kidstation.de by clicking on the lower-right sail on the boat (the games), then the big clown. Alternately, you can go here to get there directly. I think it turned out rather well. It's pretty significantly enhanced over the original game, with three different 90-second levels to complete (rather than just one 3-minute level for the original). I also added a buncha stuff that's hard to do in anything other than Flash, like tumbling vegetables. It also saves high scores to their server, but you need to be registered on the site for that to work.

The cheesy Wagner-ish theme music was from Golgotha (dropped in public domain when crack.com went away). The polka music is the MIDI soundtrack from the original Olive Wars. Flash doesn't do MIDI, so I converted it to MP3 with the free TiMidity++ tool. It does a pretty good job, coming up with results that sound as good as if they'd been played on a waveform sound card.

I've got permission to put it on my site in English, so I'll likely be re-releasing it here in a couple of days. If you just can't figure out how to play with the German instructions.

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I hope this user is still a member of this site. I would like to know how to obtain a copy of "Olive Wars" for my 5 years old daughter. I had this on my old PC which I traded in last year inadvertantly without making a copy of this game. My son and I enjoyed it so much playing it for hours when he was about 11. I'd really appreciate obtaining a copy of this game at a reasonable price.

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