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Okay, this is important!

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I want everyone to go here right now and paypal me a dollar.

It's for an important cause. I just read that review of those little tiny RC cars, and I have decided that a pair of those cars is exactly what I need.

You see, I've been listening to a buncha chat from the warez-kids, and their arguments boil down to "I want it, therefore I should be able to have it". I figured this also applies to me, but I don't want any computer games or MP3's. I want a pair of miniature RC cars (yeah, a pair, so I can race 'em), and I couldn't convince the guy at Radio Shack that my desire for a pair of mini RC cars was sufficient payment for one.

Therefore, you must all paypal me a dollar now. I'll keep you folks posted on the "Buy John a pair of mini-RC cars" fund.

Maybe I'll get a thermometer like that blender3d guy did. If he can raise $100,000, I should be able to raise FORTY FREAKIN' BUCKS!

So get yer ass over to paypal now and GIVE ME A DOLLAR!
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