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This is sounding more like Chaos Manor every day

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Well, I couldn't resist the deal on the Compaq I got the other day, so I put another machine on order. This time it's an HP from Staples, but it's a similar deal ($390 delivered to my door). It's got a Savage onboard-video rather than a GeForce2, but I didn't much care because I'm gonna cannibalize my existing machine to build it, which means It'll have my Radeon card in it.

BTW, I'm only buying Radeon cards from here on out. I've installed two of 'em now, and I haven't had a moment's trouble with 'em. They just work beautifully.

Anyway, it's a 1.8 Ghz Athlon, which means that my Main Development Box will go from being the slowest machine in the house to the fastest. Wheeeee!

Also found out why Staples advertises such long delivery times for these cheap boxes. They're assembling 'em in Tiawan and Fed-Exing 'em individually.
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