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Day 10 - Iron helps us play!

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Stephen R


The rest of my familly went to see The Incredibles today after my recomendation yesterday, so I decided to go along again. Just as fun the second time round. That film really has shown me what I could achieve if I work hard enough. Its sparked a strong desire in me to improve my skills. So, while idling over something or another I made some decisions.

The first is that I'm going to get this game finished. I have a plan and a large chunk of the code down. The only thing that could stop this project is appathy - and, trust me, it can happen all too easilly. If I can finish this game I will have proved to myself that I can handle large apps, and larger projects in general.

The second is that I'm going to improve my software engineering skills. I'm going to read up on design patterns, UML, and anything else I find thats pertinant. This should help me create apps more quickly and to a higher standard. There are also a lot of areas I want to research / learn - like shaders, openGL & distributed processing.

Next up on my todo list was maths. I have an initial list of topics that I have to brush up on or learn from scratch including matrices, vectors and differentiation & integration. Not quite sure where I'll go from there.

Lastly is that I'm going to have to implement what I learn - I learn shaders or a new lighing algo, try it out. There is a world of a difference between reading about something and implementing it.

Feel free to comment, especially if you have any cool linkersons.
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I can't wait to learn SDL! Finally.. something to do with my growing C++ skillz! (...I miss the old days...)

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