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Durn this thing is cute!

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Just to show that Bryan is not always the guy to have the latest gizmo around, Shelly and I just got ourselves a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. The price recently dropped from its opening price of around $500 down to under $200 and, to quote Shelly, "It's like living in space", so we had to have one.

It actually does work fairly well, but it is very light-duty. It's a lot smaller than I figured, a bit larger than a frisbee and about 3 inches tall. Also, it's powered by a rechargable battery, so it's not intended for heavy dirt-cleaning. It does have a big spinning brush, so it does pretty well at picking up dust. It's also pretty flat so it can clean up under beds. Even though we had a thorough vacuuming on Monday, it filled up its little dirt-cup four times before it ran outta charge.

It is awfully cute watching it navigate the room. I don't think it's as smart as folks let on, though. We had to run it twice in the bedroom because it missed a big spot, probably because it got bogged down under my night-stand, which only has one spot where it can fit itself in or out. I feared that I was gonna have to rescue it from under the night-stand, but it finally figured out how to get out. . .followed by turning around and going right back in!

Yes, the carpet under my night-stand is now the cleanest in the house :)

It did a good job under the bed, though, reaching spots that ordinary vacuums can only dream of.

Also, it claims to be able to do 3 rooms on a charge, and that's about how well it did with us.

Shelly has already named it "Rosie". If you don't know why, then you're too young.
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