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Ballistic Bunny Battles: The Contest

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Okay folks, I need about a couple-dozen levels for my new Flash game, so I decided to have a contest. Using the Ballistic Bunny Battles level editor, design yourself a level for my new game. First prize is $50. Second prize is $25.

First off, try out the game. It's basically a seasonal game for the German Flash games site www.kidstation.de. Some of the completion screens are already translated into German, but all of the rules are still in English, so you shouldn't have any trouble figuring out how to play (hint: "Noch Mal" means "try again", "Ende" means "End", and "Nochmal Spielen" means "Play Again").

Play the game here.

There are five levels to the game right now. See if you can beat all the levels, so you'll get an idea of the kinds of things you can do. You can still spin the bouncers while eggs are flying, so you can add kind of an arcade element to the game.

Once you've got the hang of the game, open up. . .

The Ballistic Bunny Battles Level Editor. (also in Flash)

Using the characters on the palette on the right, design a level. Press the "play" button to open up a new browser window with your game playing. Note that the URL line of the new browser now contains a bunch of characters --this is your level in ASCII form. Once you've got the level(s) working to your satisfaction, copy and paste that URL line into an email message and send it to. . .


Contest deadline is midnight, Sunday April 13 (CST). At that point, I'll sift through all of the levels and award prizes to the favorites.


1. To qualify, the levels submitted must be verified as beat-able by the judge(s). If your level is especially difficult, you might want to describe a solution. This is a kids' game, so don't kill yourself making levels that are horribly difficult.

2. The prizes will go to the winning entries, so it is possible for one person to win both the first and second prize.

3. All levels (winning and non-winning) become the property of The Code Zone. No compensation beyond the contest prizes will be awarded if levels are used in a commercial product. Anyone not agreeing to this or who expects compensation beyond the prizes is advised not to enter the contest.

4. Prize money will be awarded via PayPal. International entries are okay, as long as you can receive money via PayPal. If you cannot receive money via PayPal, you are advised not to enter the contest. NO CHECKS WILL BE MAILED!

Have fun, and get those entries to me by Sunday night!
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