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Ballistic Bunny Battles: The Results Are In!

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Well I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that the Ballistic Bunny Battles contest is now judged and I've got winners!

The winner is sgibson@aladdinscave.net and his level. I liked it because it uses a self-spinning bouncer to make things random, but it's not so random that you can't avoid being killed. As you blow up fish, you can cut off their "branch", so you don't end up shooting dozens of eggs in the hope that one will eventually reach its target.

Try it out here!

Our second place winner is "Will" with his level subtitled "Get Them Fish". It's fun because it's not too hard and if you do it properly you get to see 14 fish explode simultaneously.

Try it out here!

If I do end up making an improved commercial version of the game, I'll probably change it up. First I'll remove the score and just make the challenge to complete levels (ala Bulldozer). Next I'll probably give each level a limited amount of times to press the "fire" button. For example, the second level above can be completed with two presses of the "fire" button, and you're just wasting shots if you require more. Maybe I'll make that the challenge.

I'll be contacting our two winners today and PayPal-ing 'em their prize. Big thanks to all entrants!

Next, the bad news. The client has decided to shelve the game until June. We had a miscommunication at the beginning of the project. They assumed that I was going to have the game ready by 4/1, but I had it planned to be ready a week before Easter (aka right now). They decided that a week before was too late and they put up a different game as their feature game-of-the-month. Hence, they're pushing it back to June. The marketing folks are gonna get me a new "theme" and graphics for the game too, so it won't be all about noble bunnies destroying the evil fish. I hope they come up with something suitably creative.

Oh, and I've got a new version of the game out with 13 levels, some of which are from the contest. Try it out and let me know what you think. If you think any of the levels are misplaced (I want it to get progressively more difficult), email me.

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