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It can only go downhill from here

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Ever have one of those days when you feel that the entire universe is tilted in your direction? I had one of those days yesterday.

First off, I went to the mailbox to find a check for $99. About six weeks ago I tried out one of those online casino promotions that gives you $20 in free gambling-money, but won't let you cash out until you make $100, presuming correctly that most folks will hit zero before they hit $100. Anyway, after a good run of luck in three-card poker, I managed to hit the magic amount. It took quite a bit of time to get the money out --they had several payment options involving prepaid ATM cards and such that I didn't have. I finally was able to get 'em to deposit to a Neteller.com (paypal clone) account, and they mailed me a check (minus a $1 processing fee).

Right after getting my check, we headed over to Bennigan's for lunch. They've apparently got a deal where a lunch that takes over 15 minutes is free. 16 minutes and 42 seconds later, we had disproven the adage that There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

Here's a good deal, but it's only on until Monday. It's for the Microsoft Intelli-Table. It's a cute kids' toy that's meant to grow with kids from 9 months up to about 5 years. It has three "rings" that snap into the unit as kids get older. The first one has simple stuff like ABC's, but the later ones let you compose simple music or play games (again, fairly simple "Simon" type stuff). Anyway, it's a very nice little unit, and I think Maggie's gonna have some fun with it.

Best part, though, is the price. Through monday (Memorial Day), Kay Bee Toys is selling 'em for $20 down from their old price of $80. While I would've balked at paying $80, it's a really good deal at $20.

It's also quite a deluxe toy and looks very durable. Our local Kay Bee still had about five of 'em in stock, so it doesn't appear to be one of those hot deals that you never get to do because they go out of stock instantly.
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