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I spent the day working on Manta-X again. I put the Zombie testbed aside for a bit to concentrate on my main projects. I'd let it sidetrack me from Manta-X and jsInvaders. Time to get back on track I think :)

It's always good to come back to some code and realise that you still understand it, even though it's about 2 months since I last looked at it.

So I ripped out my old shoddy scene-graph implementation and replaced it with my entity system. I created a ModelEntity for inheriting from - I'm not sure I like it. I'd ideally like to have just the entity class without much inheritance from it. The GPG2 book talks about using a flyweight for state and media, so I'm now contemplating how I'd go about doing that. The Model and particle systems are obvious candidates for the Sammy. It'd be pretty nice to just plug in a new flyweight component instead of cranking out a few extra layers of inheritance becase frankly, I don't think I need it. Time to get out the ol' pen 'n paper and start planning it again I think - but I'm pleased at how the complexity has reduced - even if it did take me all day.

It's weird with my newly shaved head. I normally keep my hair fairly long - I just got cranky at it and took it down to almost nothing. It kinda suits me though.
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I love newly shaved heads. You can wake up, not have a shower, and (sometimes) get away with it.

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