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Well I turned to the dark side of the force

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While at the Radio Shack Outlet Store (AKA the only reason to live in Fort Worth, Texas) searching for a new digital clock (so that I'll have one on my side of the bed and I don't have to look over Shelly to see what time it is at night, but I digress), I noticed that they had a couple of open-box XBoxes there. Shelly proclaimed "Oooooooooh, XBox", and we ended up taking one home. Thus far it's been a lot of fun, but my favorite game turned out to be my favorite game when we had the Dreamcast, Crazy Taxi.

Still trying to find out what XBox games I need to have. Any recommendations?

For what it's worth, I prefer quick stuff to those long involving quest-type-thingies. With the XBox came Sega GT, which is quite fun, but I rather prefer race games that play fast-n-loose with the laws of physics (AKA Crazy Taxi). I mean come on, if I wanted realistic driving physics, I'd just drive a real car!

Oh, and we did end up finding a digital clock. It proclaimed itself to be an LED clock with BIG DIGITS. Since it was the same price as the ones with small digits ($9), I figured I'd go ahead and get the big digits. Unfortunately, it wasn't until I plugged it in that I realized that when Radio Shack says BIG DIGITS, they mean REALLY FREAKIN' BIG HUGE DIGITS! 2-inch tall digits don't sound all that big until you open your eyes at 3 AM to see these GIGANTIC COLOSSAL FREAKIN' DIGITS burning the current time into your retinas. The thing's got two "brightness" settings for the ENORMOUS MAMMOTH LIFE-THREATENING DIGITS on this clock. They're labeled "bright" and "dim", but they should more correctly be called "too bright" and "can be used as a substitute for a tanning booth", because I can read this thing several rooms away. . .in the middle of the day. . .through the walls. I don't know what Radio Shack's LED supplier is, but those things are scary!

In conclusion, if you've got a 90 year-old half blind grandmother who has trouble seeing the time from across the room, this is probably the clock to get.
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