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Well dang, that was quick

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I guess I should've waited 12 hours or so for my last entry, because the very next morning, Flash MX 2004 was released. Anyway, I'm just starting to wade through the new features. I was able to load up Duck Tiles and recompile it for Flash Player 7. I did hit a couple of snags, though. First off, it looks like they're now enforcing capitalization rules, which means that:


Which returns the ASCII code of the Nth character of a String doesn't get called when your code contains:


And, given the interpreted nature of ActionScript, the above doesn't trigger a compiler error (because there's no compiler). It just doesn't call the function. This meant that my code to load up a level (which is stored internally as a string) returned undefined. I then subtracted 47 from the number to get the number to a place where I could check the bits, which simply changed the number from undefined to NaN (not a number). Needless to say, performing bit operations on something that's not a number doesn't work too well. Thankfully, five minutes in the debugger showed the problem. I've got a couple more bugs, but I imagine they'll be fixed similarly.

Thus far, I'm very happy with the performance. With the previous player, I got an annoying delay bringing up the level-browser as it loads up all the graphical level bits. I was able to minimize the delay by only loading bits as I needed 'em, but the delay was still there. With the new Flash player, though, the delay is gone and the whole thing works at top-speed.

And now that the whole thing's outta beta, I'll post a screenshot.

Click here for a full size picture

As you can see, the interface is very busy, but it's pretty-much the same as before. There are a couple of new panels to handle component stuff, following their new push towards making Flash more of an app development tool, but it's still familiar.

And, as before, if you wanna buy something, go here.
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