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Heapin' helpin of kudos

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To Macromedia again this time for having a simple and unobtrusive licensing agreement.

I was cleaning out the software-closet again last week and sold off a slack copy of Flash MX and Fireworks 4 on eBay. The Flash was never registered, but I had installed and registered the Fireworks but had later removed it. I pointed out in the eBay description that Fireworks was already registered but that I didn't use it anymore. I later got an email from a guy (who ended up being high-bidder) telling me that Macromedia's got a Transfer of Ownership Form that you can use if you sell your stuff. All you do is fill out the serial number along with the name/address of the original owner and the new owner, and the product's legally transferred. I mailed in the form a week ago and got an email from Macromedia this morning telling me that Fireworks is now officially his.

I presume that means that he'll be getting the upgrade notices and such from now on.

It's nice to see a company that's got a streamlined process for transferring licenses. Most companies don't really have any kind of publicly-available process for doing such a thing, and for obvious reasons --they'd rather people purchase new copies from them than buy used ones. Still, if the other guy likes Fireworks, he's probably gonna upgrade it to the latest version (given that it's two version numbers outta date), so Macromedia will end up making more money off it from him than they will from it sitting in my "dead software" box.

And no this ain't some kind of Macromedia love-fest going on here. I'll soon be posting my list of Official Flash 2004 New Features That Piss Me Off, so don't worry.
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