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Entry #36

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Hey All!

Guess what Wednsday, December 8th is? It's our very own
Christmas Party! The party will be at the clubhouse, just like a regular
meeting. It will start at 7:oo and end at 9:oo. We will be having a secret
santa gift exchange. Please bring a gift of $5 or less-- Nothing big or
fancy... it can be something you buy or make, but just something small
to spread the christmas cheer. At the party we will have:
~A talent show-- come prepared to show off your talent to the crew!
~Secret Santa (as mentioned above)
~Dancing and Holiday Music

We ask that everyone bring some refreshments such as:
~Cheese and Crackers
~Christmas Cookies
~Or anything you think would be good. We want a wide selection of food
so everyone can enjoy it!

This party is for everyone, Members of the crew, Family members,
Friends, anyone! Tell everyone about it. Bring all your friends and family!
This is an event you don't want to miss!

I Know our roster is a little crazy right now, so if you see that
someone is not on this e-mail list, please forward this to them. If you
think someone did not recieve this e-mail or does not know about the party,
please let them know!

can't wait to see all of you there!


  • Random Observation of the Day
    Apparently I'm going to a partay. mmmm... cookies.
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