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Urk, never mind

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Remember all that blather yesterday about getting PSP for $29? Well, you can toss it out the window now. Not only did one of the rebates expire, but BB cranked up the price of the suite from $99 to $129.

Now instead of being $29 after rebates, it's $99. And that's not much of a deal at all.

Although, outpost.com has it for $90 with $70 worth of rebates, provided you've got Photoshop Elements, Roxio PhotoSuite, MS PictureIt, Ulead PhotoImpact, or CorelDraw/PhotoPaint.

Unfortunately, it appears that softwareoutlet.com finally sold out of those $10 copies of CorelDraw 8, so there's not much upgrade potential there. Amazon's got PhotoSuite 4 for $10, and that's about the best I can see right off.

Thus the best deal I can find so far for PSP is $30, $90 PSP + $10 PhotoSuite - $30 upgrade rebate - $40 Outpost rebate.

That's still pretty good.

Apparently Fry's has PSP 8 for $10 after rebates. Again, you've gotta have a qualifying product, but that $10 copy of PhotoSuite should do it.

Also you've gotta have a Fry's in town.
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