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Good find

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One of the handier tools I use in my Flash development toolkit is the eHelp RoboFlash toolkit. It's got the following tools. . .

1. Convertor for PowerPoint, which is a rather rudimentary utility that can convert PowerPoint presentations into Flash movies.

2. Extractor, which can disassemble a Flash movie into all of its component graphics, sounds, and code. Very useful to show you how insecure your Flash app is :)

3. Printer, which is a fake printer-driver (like Acrobat) that converts printed output into an embed-able Flash movie.

4. Protector, which obfuscates your Flash code, protecting it from sneaky disassemblers (like the aforementioned Extractor).

5. ScreenSaver, which'll convert a Flash movie into a Windows .SCR file.

6. Splicer, which can chain together finished Flash movies.

7. TextAnimator, the gem of the set. It's a wizard-based gizmo that does all kinds of attractive animations with text.

It was a nice set and I emphasize "was" because it was inexplicably discontinued shortly after it was released. All of the tools except Protector still work with the new Flash MX 2004, so I'm not too distraught about it, but it was a nice set and I never understood why it suddenly disappeared, especially given eHelp's purchase by Macromedia. Some or all of these tools would certainly be worth selling by the home office.

This morning, though, I did find that three of the tools have been resurrected by the original developer, Goldshell Digital Media. TextAnimator exists as "Flax", Splicer is called "Clipyard", and Screensaver is "FlashForge". I'd love to find updated versions of Extractor and Protector, but I have no idea who the original developers of those tools are. There are other Flash disassemblers and obfuscators out there, so it's not a big loss that I can't find updates.

Even if you don't write stuff in Flash, the Flax Text Effects Demo Page is fun to look at.
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