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Things that matter and things that do not

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Just saw a press-release for version 2 of Flash Studio Pro, created a scant 2 months after I purchased version 1 thank you very much. One thing that makes me happy is that they're getting rid of the old OCX requirement, which is a plus.

You see, there are two ways to create a standalone .EXE out of Flash:

1. Use the publish feature from Flash itself, which creates 100% standalone runtime-free app. . .with "Macromedia Flash" in the titlebar, has a toolbar with Flash presentation options (rewind movie, etc), has a default Flash icon, and has no ability to deal with things outside of the Flash "sandbox", like write to files, save settings to the registry, etc.

2. Use one of several commedcial SWF->EXE conversion tools (like Flash Studio Pro) that get around the aforementioned limitations, but have one serious problem that they require Macromedia's runtime Flash OCX, which can cause version number problems between machines that already have the OCX installed, which come to over 90% of the Windows machines out there.

It looks like FSP version 2 is going to be the best of both worlds. You'll end up with a standalone runtime-free app that has the ability to do stuff outside the Flash sandbox.

Commercial Duck Tiles here I come :)

Since I posted something above that likely has no bearing on your life, I decided to post a list of things that have no bearing at all on my life. . .

Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez' wedding or lack of wedding

The final episode of "Friends"

Any other episide of "Friends"

Reality shows other than "Cops"
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