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Misplaced product loyalty

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Saw a weird story over at http://overclockers.com/tips1133/ that's been circulating around. Basically a guy ended up with the case and power supply from a dead Mac G5 (the new dual-processor high-end Macintosh machine). He decided it'd be cute to put an Athlon motherboard in it.

Nothing interesting yet.

After that, though, he decided to make the whole thing into a not-all-that-clever prank. He made up a story that he was a kid who's parents got him a G5 for Christmas. Since he wanted an Athlon and since his parents knew nothing about computers, he decided to throw out the insides and install an Athlon motherboard in it.

When I first saw the story and didn't know it was a prank, my response was "The dumb kid should've convinced his parents to return the machine, because you can buy two nice Athlon machines for the price of a G5." That wasn't the response from some of the Mac-zealot community, though. He apparently got over a thousand emails (shutting down his mailbox) crying out in horror and hatred about what a horrible thing he'd done.

Some people even cried.

I wonder how many of those same people who cried for the death of a Mac G5 are crying right now for the several dozen people killed by suicide bombers yesterday?
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