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Temporarily without a back end

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As you can see, I've temporarily reverted to the old 'no database back-end' version while I do some work on the website on the back end. I decided a while back that the site is getting awfully crusty and needs a much-deserved revamp. Expect to see a new PHP-based website before long with dynamic content, forums (for you people who are dying to know how to beat level N of Bulldozer), and online flash daily games that are unlike anything you've seen elsewhere.

Let's just say that I'm going to have online games that don't require much commitment from you the online game-player. You'll be able to play 'em during a coffee break or while waiting five minutes on the phone, yet you'll still be able to compete with your fellow game-players.

Interestingly, I never lost favor with the old HTML-only no-backend diary format, like the one you're seeing here. Since I'm editing it with a standard WYSIWYG-style HTML editor, formatting things is dirt-simple. Simple spelling and grammar-errors are automatically flagged. I'm sure the entries from the past year or so are replete with spelling errors, but since I was entering my content via an HTML form, there wasn't a simple way to be sure.

To be honest, I never much cared about an automatically-generated RSS version of this stuff. If you can correct me and tell me that you're merging this content in with other news-sites on your PDA or something like that, let me know. As it stands, RSS-XML-whatever has never much impressed me and I don't think anyone cares.

The only thing I miss is having the nice little calendar/month-browser over on the right side of the screen. If I could find or write a little utility that'd generate that stuff into existing HTML, I'd probably dump the whole blogging software back-end entirely.

In any case, I'll try to get changes up as I can. The site might look a little odd from time to time, but it'll get there.
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