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Hoo Boy

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Hoo boy.

I've recently gotten a couple of emails from a guy in Iran. He's beaten Bulldozer 1 and wants me to send him bulldozer 2. Problem is, no online vendor will ship the games there, and they're not available on the shelves anywhere.

I gave him my standard 'Due to an agreement with my publisher, I cannot make available for download' letter. He sent me back an email begging me. Funniest line, though, was.

'here there is no copyright law for them and there no one needs to know any thing.'

This guy actually thinks that I should be MORE likely to send my stuff to a country where they don't recognize ownership of intellectual property and I have zero legal recourse if he starts selling copies?

I repeat. Hoo boy. It's like a chapter outta Atlas Shrugged :)
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