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Importing existing diaries

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Well I just reformatted about 150 entries from my old developer diary into the XML format that I mentioned here, and the almighty Michael will likely be importing 'em when he's got a chance. If everything works as planned, there'll be entries for all of 1998, 1999, and the pre-June-15 2004 entries in the diary.

I'm hoping a successful import will be the first step to moving other peoples' diaries/blogs to the gamedev journal.

After that I'm gonna lobby for EXPORT both to the gamedev journal XML format and RSS-XML so that developer diaries can show up in those newsfeed readers.
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well, I lost your two comments in the process.. I still have to figure out how to retain those. =P

Other than that, the import went okay. It's not as straightforward to script as I would like yet.. so it's not ready for primetime consumption yet. =P

Michael Tanczos

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