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So maplestory has gone to the shite, but whatever. I cant get it to run or even to lazy to go to the site and get it worked out.

Anyway, im working on a new particle system for SDL. Im having the hardest freaking time with the blitting. I have everything else down pretty much, and expect this system to do awesome things, but the blitting is getting me beat. Ill just play with it more.

Anywho -

This particle system has a user definable source, particle lifetime (can change), local collision detection (particles bounce off each other), possibly global collision detection, particle independent color, transparency, gradual fade out/in, and all other sorts of little goodies. the memory foot is quite large at the moment, but like they say, premature optimization is mui mal.

anyway, ill get a screenie up when i get the blit routine to work. cheers yall.
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