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Day 11 - Its hip to be square

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Stephen R


Okay, I just finished getting the general design in place for the engine. I have all of the class definitions done that I will need to get most of the game done (I hope). As long as I haven't made any huge errors of judgement I should be able to plough through the content of each of these classes over the next while. I'd say a week, maybe more and I should be done. Well, the .lib file will be functional. I have to make an editor for the resource list files which the engine uses to load batches of resources. Definitely C# for that baby. I also have to make a program to assemble an animation from a list of files into a single image, C# for that as well.

Once those are out of the way I'll get down to the actual game. I don't see it having any major obsticles - just a case of getting it done. The only thing will be creating the scripting system - which I've decided not to build into the engine yet untill I have more experience with them. Hopefully that should be okay too.

I spent today reading the interesting bits in my school maths book. It only took me a few minutes to go through the matrix section. I already had the basics of matrix math down - adding, multiplication by a scalar, multiplication by another matrix. Some of the topics like finding the determinant of a matrix was annoying because they only gave horribly specific methods for working them out with 2x2 matrices. I'll have to look up the method for finding teh determinant for larger matrices. Started differentiation too. Got as far as the product, quotient, and chain rules. So far no real problems with it. I'll do more tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm going back to work on this game now.
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