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Just so you know, cowhead is broek. It says the optimal solution for this one map I just played was 72 moves and I got it in 55. My score (out of a maximum of 1000) was 1309.

I guess I'm just that awesome.

6x6, by the way.


just played a 7x7, max is 98, I did it in 74, and my score was 1324/1000. :P

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Looks quite good. Only suggestion is not to strobe the mouse button to show a press, as it looks like you're supposed to repeatedly click the button, when you're only supposed to hold it down.

Other than that, it's nice. Makes things very obvious.

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Cowhead is not broken. The word "Optimal" should have been replaced with "Typical", but I just never did.

Also, I have decided to go back and fix(read re-do) Cowhead after I'm done with Honeycomb. The scoring mechanism is unfriendly in that to get a good score you need to pay attention to which direction you are rotating, which distracts from the core goal of the game. I mean, really, wouldn't most people rather click five times quickly than remember to swap rotation and then click once? I'm going to switch to a time based score(a la minesweeper).

I think you're right about the strobing mouse button, john, but I think I may go with an animated or strobing arrow pointing at the button. I'll experiment a bit and see how it turns out.

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