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Day 12 - It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

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Stephen R


I replaced the Incredibles avatar with a logo I rigged up in Blender. Just an s for, you guessed it, stro. It nice to have an avatar which I made completely by myself.

As for the engine I'm just working my way slowly through the code. But definite progress none the less. I've written most of this code before in other places so I'm just doing the same stuff again - it's not rivetting, but it's fun enough. Hopefully this engine will give me a nice starting point for any other 2d games I make for the next while, and I can always upgrade it if it becomes too out of date.

I'd be able to work faster if it weren't for bloody school tests. The teachers are piling on tests in anticipation of the xmas tests. If you can make out the logic behind that then, please, tell me cause I'm stumped. I'll have much more time once I hit the xmas break in about two or three weeks.

The design doc is coming together niceley though. Have most of the general content in, now we just have to sit down and work our way through each of the bad guys and levels we are going to have. I think we're expecting somewhere in the region of 18 levels with about 9 standard enemies and then some assorted bosses.

Managed to get through some more differentiation today. Got onto differentiating trig functions. Its fairly interesting, though I would really like to see this stuff in terms of application as well.
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