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What's the time? It's time to get ill.

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So, I officially have my Winter Cold.

It's one of those colds that took its own sweet time establishing itself. Yesterday, the whole "body thermostat" seemed broken. Today, the "slight pain in the throat while swallowing" happened, and as the day went on, the earache, bone ache, and even wackier body thermostat, with no DayQuil in sight.

There was also a heavy snow on the way home, and I wound up in a ditch at one point (got out unassisted, thankfully). says that the snow should be stopping around midnight, but if tomorrow is bad, I may call in to work. I've got double grounds: illness and weather.

Besides, I still have one personal day left, and they don't roll over.
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Maggie's got the Official Cold here. She's actually taking it pretty well, although we'll probably be keeping her out of Kinder-Care today. She seems to do well just sitting in her little chair and watching Dora reruns when she's not sleeping.

No snow here. Just 40 degrees, drizzly and gray, which describes North Texas from November to February.

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