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FreeBSD... say wha?

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I repartitioned my 0/0 drive, giving 10Gb to Windows and 10Gb to FreeBSD each. I've not installed Windows yet but have got FreeBSD on the drive.

Rule #1 about Operating Systems

Thou shalt not installeth an OS about which thou knowth jack

So I have FreeBSD installed on my drive, all nice and shiney new. I realised that I know nothing about Unix operating systems apart from my experience with Redhat and the Knoppix Live CD I tried... and even then, that's Linux and not Unix like FreeBSD. So I'm sat there, not having a frickin clue about how to even start X11 (XOrg? X86Free?) and get KDE or whatever running. Do I built it? No, there's a port already insalled - good. How do I configure it? The config program doesn't exist and the stuff in the helpfile is useless - or is it? I don't know.

It's safe to say, Windows really does make things easier for the n00b. I thought I knew about computers, WRONG. Perhaps I knew my way around Windows and Windows Servers, but I have a lot to learn about Unix.

Time to buy a book, I think [grin][rolleyes][sad]

Edit: I wonder if I'd be better off with a Linux distro, instead of FreeBSD....

Edit 2: After playing with FreeBSD, I don't think I like it. For a start, it doesn't seem as compatible with Linux as I'd hoped - I've started the download of Ubunto, a Debian-based distro.
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