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Lotsa stuff

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Got some ebay goodness here. There are couple of things that might interest folks such as yourself, namely copies of 3D Game Engine Programming For People Misguided Enough To Want To Write Their Own 3D Game Engine, a new just-reviewed copy of Turnip Boy Teaches You How To Write A Mediocre Space-Shooter in C#, and a couple of books on Flash, one of which was a review copy and one that I no longer need now that I have discovered Flash Resource Manager.

FRM has now become a necessary utility for me, and I always run it whenever I do anything with Flash. It realizes that Flash has excellent help content but a really lousy built-in help browser. It puts a new MSDN-inspired face on Flash's help content along with a reasonable search facility. It's all the manual you need if you're using Flash.

A couple of you are on my Xmas card list, but most of you aren't. If you're not on the list or you require instant gratification, here's our holiday letter that we stuff in cards.

I also took good advantage of those McDonald's win-codes. One of the free codes you could win was a pack of 25 free pictures from SnapFish. I won four sets of codes, so I used 'em to print 100 pictures that we're stuffing in the cards. Given that photo studios are charging about a buck apiece for photo cards, that's a good alternative.

Yeah I'm a frugal cuss. Frugality prevents me from having to get a real job, so it's worth it.
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