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Barrel Rolling

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So I finally created a cool game at the gym last night. I've always been kinda jealous of the fact that some of my other coach buddies have come up with cool games to play with the gym equipment. So I was just lying on a barrel, which is used to teach back handsprings, and I was just rocking side to side listening to a conversation. I was a little bored. Then I rocked to far and the barrel rolled over and tipped me off onto the floor. So I got back on and started rocking again, although this time when the barrel rolled I rolled too - in the opposite direction to stay on top. It didn't work so well and I fell off again. But now I was starting to get weird looks from my friends. So I hopped back on and let the barrel start rolling again, only this time I managed to roll opposite fast enough to stay on top for one revolution. Now everyone else was catching on (either that or I was calling them out) and soon we had like 5 barrels of various sizes on the floor with everyone seeing how many revolutions we could get before we got thrown off. And when you get thrown off you can get seriously thrown off. You're moving pretty fast pretty quick. As a testament, I got some nice rug burn from the floor after trying to roll on the teeniest barrel the first time

So anyways we had a good time. I don't think any of us got more than two rolls in, one of my friends got more but he was kind of cheating, using his hands too much when you have to lie flat. I took some videos with my digicam too.


PS - I'm the guy wuth the red shirt and hat in case you didn't recognize me [smile]
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That's pretty cool...are they sturdy enough to walk on? I've always enjoyed walking on barrels, and I wonder if a non-circular barrel would offer any unique challenges.


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Yea, they're mostly sturdy, but they are still soft too, so walking on em would be like walking on a matress sorta.

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