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Day 13 - Sweet Victory

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Stephen R


Today was just one of those days where everything went right. I arrived at school and found out that I had a half-day, needless to say that went down well. I had an english exam which I say I did pretty well on and then I was home at twelve.

Got down to working on the engine. I got all the graphics code done. There are almost definitely bugs that will have to be worked out but all the code is in there and compiling. Part of the graphics code was loading an animation from a single file so I decided to write the app to rig up those animation files today as well. Loaded up C# and got to work. I just finished it. Because I'm using D3D I made the program place the sprites in as close to a square as possible, hopefully this will reduce wasted space. I use the top row of pixels to store the dimensions and number of frames. Here's a screeny:

Again, C# just makes this sort of work rediculously simple. I had a wierd bug though when I went to blit from the source image to dest image - it was scaling the image on the Y axis for some odd reason. I got around it quickly by using a different form of the blitting function that took a destination rectangle as a paramater but I shouldn't have had to do that. I used Leroy's walking animation from Maul Ball for the screeny

Tomorrow I'm going to get to work on the timer subsystem. It isn't a very big system so I might start one of the other editors I'm going to be needing as well.
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Ok because of you I am going to start seriously learning c#. Writing tools in pure win32 is annoying.

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Yea, I keep hearing ppl talk about making apps in C# and it being rediculously easy. I think I might finally dust off the C# For Dummies book I bought ages ago.

*checks to make sure it's still there*

Ok good :P

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