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Advent Calendar Yumminess

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Well my windows install decided to bork on me, which wasn't nice, and I don't have the install cd with me, it's at home :( But fortunately thanks to the very kind people at Microsoft, they gave me a free copy, well, my CompSci department did, yay!!
*group hug with Zanthos and the Academic Alliance people*
Although I now have XP.. instead of 2000, but what the hell, I'd installed 2000 on two machines so at least now it's 100% legit, not that people would buy a copy of 2000 for EVERY machine they have in their bedroom :)

"An error occured that should never occur."(Roughly translated to...'Your OS has just shat it's pants') is what Win2000 told me...doesn't sound like it's an easily fixable problem :) the DHCP service wouldn't load, and neither would the Network Interface service, and the surprising thing is, I was only using firefox at the time it keeled over.
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