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Entry #37: ....girl trouble, dammit.

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  • Random Observation of the Day!!
    One by one, the penguins are stealing my sanity!!!

Welcome back everyone! ...and guess who's got female trouble nows?

Well, its been insinuated several times by several people that I should go out and get me a girlfriend. So, after several visits to the local Walmart, I was told I actually had to go out and FIND one, not BUY one. Damn... that would make life so much easier, maybe I should start a girlfriend shop when I grow up.

ANYWAY; There is this cute Vietnamese girl that's been flirting with me the past week or so, she seems pretty interested, and apparently knows a shit load about webpage development. Her site was, apparently entirely hardcoded, and she seemed to know what CSS was, javascript, etc.

So, this has the potential possibility of making a good match. But... every time I gaze into her eyes I flash back to the war... Charlie was everywhere, men were dying left and right; its really disturbing (since I wasn't even in the war!).

But seriously; the one thing that's holding me back is that I have no car/license (even though I'm almost 18; long story). Because of this, I can't drive her anywhere to do anything == bad. What the hell is the point of a girlfriend if you don't ever do anything?

Inevitably, if I do decide to persue anything I'll probably have to bring this up and have a big discussion; but I don't think it would matter too much to her. But those damn penguins...
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You should have a look through that photo album. I just clicked a pic to see what she looked like (yea, she's cute - go for it man). But then I scrolled down a bit further and had to click on the caption for this pic. Daaaaamn [smile]

Does she have a car? I've known couples where the gf was the one who drove the bf around. (in the car I mean [grin])

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That's not her, but she's the one that's going to UVa with me. I agree, she's definitely pretty high (higher) on my list, but I still need to work on that one.

...too many choices, dammit. I'm like a dumb kid in a candy store...

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I meant I clicked on her pick, saw what she looked like, then clicked on that other pic when I saw the caption

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