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I need a vacation

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I think the title says it all. I've been pretty quiet around GameDev.net the last month or so, but for good reason. Without getting into the details, I've been in a sort of crunch mode / customer frustration mode at work with my current project. Needless to say, the importance of customer management has become very apparent to me. Also, knowing how to play the corporate politics game has come in handy a number of times. While I haven't approached the 60 work hours per week of work yet, I've sacrificed two out of the last three weekends, including a 19 hour day this past Sunday (and yes, 5 hours later I was back at work for my Monday work day). I'm quickly approaching burnout, and I need to get away.

So that's what I'm doing. Tomorrow by close of business the customer should decide whether or not to move forward with acceptance testing. Regardless of what they decide, I am taking Friday off and heading down to the Keys. I will be turning off my cell phone and leaving the civilized world for 4 days in search of peace, quiet, and cheeseburgers in paradise. When I come back, if I come back, I hope to be a little bit refreshed and ready to hit GameDev.net work full on.. at least refreshed enough to make it another few weeks until the end of my real-life job's project. Then I can take a real vacation.. I have about two week's worth sitting in my time off account, so I might as well take some of it.

There's my story. I'm worn out, weary, and in need of getting away. Hopefully after I do that I'll have some better journal entries to share. :)
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