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Argh! Java3D...

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Well, I am currently(as of now, 1 AM PST) fairly fed up with the Java3D API. I am working on my second term project for my Object-Oriented 3D API course, and using some libraries from my classmates to have hopefully made something cool. The unfortunate thing about this API, as far as I have been taught/shown through presentations and my own pain and suffering is making a program in these steps
1) get things to compile
2) get things to render, period
3) get things to render correctly
4) break things horribly by adding new features
5) repeat steps as needed

So, I may or may not be able to create something.. that looks decent, but on the bright side, I have a red sphere that is able to track along a surface(thanks to some API from a few classmates).. now I just need to get 2 other libraries included, and maybe do something that doesn't completely suck in a short amount of time. Ah, Java.. write once, hope it runs somewhere.. possibly the same as on my development box... please... Does the OS X implementation suck that badly? One day I will get something that looks cool... I hope.
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