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Buildin' dozers

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Everything on the dozer-builder is now done except for the server communication. I did a lot of optimization of the graphics and buttons and such. Took the size of the app from 70k down to 40k. You can record and playback solutions. You can also pop up your entire level in ASCII form if you wanna share it or email it.

The app is here. If you want to check out the cut-n-paste, put the following level text in your clipboard, then press the "clipboard" button in the applet and replace whatever's there with this. . .

The level text is here, placed as a link because it's 694 characters wide and it screws up the formatting of the rest of the journal and I can't figure out how to get the gamedev journal baby-HTML to do anything with hard word-wrapping.

In the builder itself I wanted to have a traditional cut-n-paste rather than this kludgy paste-box, but the Flash sandbox prevents you from reading the clipboard except inside of an editable text field. I suppose that's sensible, because it'd otherwise be an easy job for me to write a hidden applet on a page that grabs the content of your clipboard and uploads it to a database where I can leisurely browse whatever URLs/passwords/etc that you left in there.

Anyway, try it out. If you see anything broken or that just makes no sense, lemme know. If my level text parser is broken, post the text that breaks it. Thanks.
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