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Awesomness is me!

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So I have just completed making a batch of chocolate chip cookies! Three of the little jerks got slightly burned, but that won't stop me from eating[lol].

Ah yes, slightly more relevant to game development, which is what this site is for, i've set OpenGL to run in an SDL window [smile].

I do believe that that was one of the big contributing factors that turned me off to using OpenGL when I tried to learn it, I despise having to setup all the WinMain code and such, and SDL pretty much eliminates that, with the added benefit of still being relatively cross platform compatible. I followed a little tutorial on the web from here that got it running fairly painlessly.

I was thinking about making a primitive shape class to draw various shapes (cube, cylinder, etc.) of a given size relatively easily. After I have a couple of primitive shapes working, I may try to implement the Newton Game Dynamics physics engine on the shapes to see some basic collisions and whatnot. I've heard a lot of good things about Newton.

On the downside, however, i've heard that due to the fact that the calculations are all quite exact and stable, you sacrifice some performance. I certainly don't need to worry about performance at the moment as i'll probably only have, what, 1,000 polys on screen at a time for now? I just hope that if I later decide to use it in more of a game environment that it wouldn't give such a hit.

I actually need to study for Calculus and Computer Science, since I have exams next week [sad].
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