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I've been completely spoiled by using Microsoft's Visual C++ for development. In a Linux environment, toools such as Anjuta and KDevelop just don't cut it. Bloody autotools, make, configure, etc - pah - it just doesn't do it for me. Plus GCC is anal when it comes to warnings.
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Oli, you're spoiled. Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. Spoiled. [grin]

Seriously, though, that is one department in which things need to develop faster. I never used Visual Studio long enough to really get inextricably entwined in it's greedy, clutching claws, but I did use it enough to appreciate it's slickness when I switched over to the lesser-quality Linux IDEs. It's a drawback of that hacker mentality, I guess; slick IDEs are in some obscure fashion viewed as 'un-hackerish' or something. Bah.

Have you looked at commercial packages such as Code Forge or something like Borland's BuilderX? I think BuilderX has a free personal version, I've never gotten around to checking it out though.

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